Rhonda Ross

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    Rhonda Ross is an Emmy-Nominated Actress, Grammy-Nominated Songwriter and Motivational Singer who helps people FEEL BETTER through the POWER of THOUGHT.

    As the only child between Diana Ross and Motown founder, Berry Gordy, Rhonda is quick to acknowledge the luck she was born into having two of the world’s most influential people as her parents, however, partly as a result of comparing herself to them and their accomplishments, Rhonda painfully struggled with insecurity, self-esteem, depression, and feelings of being unfulfilled.

    Finally, she embraced The Power of Thought and started FEELING BETTER. It all started with a Crucial First Step...

    Now, through her invigorating music, impactful workshops and inspiring keynote presentations, Rhonda empowers others with tools and strategies to activate and implement their Power of Thought so they can feel better, no matter what life throws at them.